SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando
7007 Sea World Dr
Orlando, FL 32821
United States
Business hours:
Open all year
Mon - Sun: 09:00AM - 09:00PM
0 - 2 Years : Free entry
3 - 17 Years : 87$
Adults : 87$
Accessible by public transportation
Parking lot
Souvenir shop

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Recommended age: Over 2 years Good weather preferred Highlight

Just like the name says, Sea World Parks are amusement parks focused entirely on the oceans and their inhabitants. The parks in Orlando, San Diego, and San Antonio are a blend of amusement park and dolphin habitat. They house dolphins, sea lions, polar bears, manatees, and whales. In addition, breeding organizations handle animal species threatened with extinction.

The main attractions are the live daily orca shows and, of course, the different roller coasters. But the beluga whale show, the dolphin show, and the sea lion shows are also unique.

The Sea of Shallows primarily showcases residents of shallow water areas. The Sea of Legends is dedicated to myths and legends about the oceans, and the Polar Sea is focused totally on Antartica. Besides other themed areas, this park also contains the Sea of Fun, which is specially designed for families with young children.

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